28 November, 2021

Say Hello to CSR Plastic Credit

The global plastic waste crisis keeps getting worse each day, and we are all responsible for this. Every year, we, as human beings, produce an average of 50 kilos of plastic waste. The production of new plastic products has skyrocketed, and the total production of new plastic in the year 2020 was over 370 billion kilos.

Compare that to the total combined weight of all human beings on the planet, where every man, woman, and child, together weighs approximately 320 billion kilos. This means that we manufacture more new plastic in just one year than the combined weight of all humans.

Many of us think that the situation has been getting better over the last few years. The truth is that the situation is just getting worse, as only less than 10% of this plastic currently gets recycled. Corsair provides a solution.

By using an environmentally-friendly method of chemical recycling, Corsair turns the plastic waste into Advanced Bio-oil. This oil is similar in character to crude oil and can be used as a raw material to manufacture new plastic products or can be refined into Diesel, gasoline, and Jet fuel.

 What is CSR Plastic Credit?

CSR Plastic Credit is a digital receipt, which proves that plastic waste has been removed from the environment. Every time Corsair removes 1 kilo of plastic waste from our environment, 10 CSR Plastic Credits are distributed into the circulation.

Do you want to be part of the pollution or the solution?

Every CSR Plastic Credit is backed up by real, physical results of plastic waste being removed from our environment. When you hold 10 CSR Plastic Credits, you have helped to remove one kilo of plastic waste from our environment. Congratulations! You are now helping the planet, and… if you are a company, your awareness is rising within the global community.

A recent study shows that 80% of consumers in the United States would like to buy products and services from companies that take responsibility to properly manage their plastic waste.

Showing the global community that you are taking responsibility for your plastic waste and helping to clean our planet from plastic pollution comes with great benefits.

How can people be aware of your good operations? CSR operates in an open-source, most transparent, and trustworthy database, called a blockchain. Every CSR token and transaction is publicly recorded into the Ethereum blockchain and is available for everyone to see, providing ultimate transparency and public accountability.

Reducing your Plastic Waste Footprint and Becoming Plastic Neutral is as easy as one-two-three. First, calculate your plastic waste footprint Then remove as much plastic waste from the environment as you create… By acquiring and retiring a matching amount of CSR Plastic Credits.

Some of the largest companies and brands worldwide are already endorsing the global plastic credit revolution. As soon as you take the first step towards reducing your plastic waste footprint and becoming plastic neutral, you get connected with tens of thousands of dedicated members of the CSR community worldwide. This allows you to attract a new and daily growing group of customers, build dedication among your existing customers and increase your company’s brand awareness.

So, how to acquire CSR Plastic Credits?

(Option-1) You can purchase CSR Plastic Credits from an open exchange at market price

(Option-2) By becoming a CSR Merchant, you can begin to receive CSR Plastic Credits as a partial payment method from the sales of your products and services.

(Option-3) You can purchase a Plastic Neutrality Package containing CSR Plastic Credits directly from CSRnow.com for a special, discounted price.

The companies who reach the status of becoming certified Plastic Neutral will also be able to use the CSR label in their marketing and include the label in their product packaging. When consumers see it, they know you are committed to solving the global plastic waste crisis with them.

Be the revolution, be the change you want to see in the world, be plastic-neutral. Join us in the mission to help our planet now.

CSR Plastic Credit is here.

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