24 August, 2022

JW Marriott Bangkok joins the Corsair Mission

We are excited to announce the collaboration between JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok and Corsair.

This collaboration sees the plastic waste collected from the hotel to be recycled into Advanced Bio-oil by Corsair and the implementation of the CSR Plastic Credit by JW Marriott Bangkok Hotel in order to become Certified Plastic Neutral.

JW Marriott Bangkok, a truly iconic hotel in Thailand, having its 25th anniversary in September 2022, is operating a variety of great programs for sustainability and for the reduction- and innovative management of waste in all areas of their operations.

Corsair is very proud to be now working together with the JW Marriott Team to help manage the plastic waste generated at the hotel and also to include the CSR Plastic Credit certification system, into the sustainability programs of JW Marriott Bangkok Hotel.

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