19 September, 2023


COUNT Energy Trading partners with Corsair Group International in a groundbreaking collaboration. This venture accelerates the global recycling of plastic waste into sustainable circular products, initially launching in Finland and Thailand with plans for further expansion.

COUNT Energy Trading, renowned for its expertise in the petrochemical industry, offers a complete portfolio from bulk trading to chemical distribution and sustainability, enters into a collaboration agreement with Corsair Group International (Corsair). Corsair, an ISCC-certified pioneer in the chemical recycling of plastic waste, transforms daily household plastic waste, such as plastic bags, wrapping materials, and packaging products into Advanced Bio-oil.

COUNT’s ESG Manager, Simon Housecroft reflected on this collaboration stating, “COUNT is excited to be partnering with Corsair in a global strategy to give new life to waste plastics and, working to optimise the world’s resources. This partnership increases COUNT’s ability to service its global consumer base with sustainable feedstocks outside of its core marketplace.”

This off-take collaboration between COUNT and Corsair marks the initiation of COUNT’s Advanced Bio-oil procurement from Corsair. The Bio-oil procured will be distributed to global petrochemical majors for the production of circular new plastics.

The CEO of Corsair, Mr. Jussi Veikko Saloranta said, “We are very excited about this collaboration with COUNT.

COUNT is a global pioneer in petrochemicals for sustainable plastics, and we are excited to have our teams work together to create solutions for new plastic production and plastic waste recycling around the world.

Plastic waste is a major global problem. We as humanity must do all we can to develop efficient ways of recycling old, discarded plastic waste into new plastic products – exactly as has been done with metals, glass, and paper. Burning plastics in incinerators or dumping them into landfills is not a solution – the right way is to turn old plastics into new circular plastic products.

Of the hundreds of billions of plastic waste kilos generated around the world annually, less than 10% is estimated to be recycled at this present time. With the support of COUNT, Corsair is now able to expand its operations at a faster pace and make a greater positive impact on our environment,” Saloranta said.

Corsair envisions a promising future for this partnership, commencing in Finland and Thailand, where a facility is currently under construction in Finland, and two operational plants have already been established in Thailand. Further expansion plans encompass regions spanning Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States of America.

“COUNT and their innovative team have truly been the forward thinkers in this field. The Advanced Bio-oil produced by Corsair will now be distributed by COUNT to some of the largest plastic manufacturing companies worldwide, for the production of new, more sustainable, and truly circular plastic products.

We at Corsair are on a mission to rid our planet of plastic pollution. As a result of this collaboration with COUNT, we are taking a major step toward achieving this goal, for the good of the planet and people,” Saloranta added.

About COUNT:

COUNT, consisting of four distinct entities, stands at the forefront of bridging the gap between what is possible and what is sustainable in the petrochemical industry. Within the COUNT Group, COUNT Energy Trading stands out as a dedicated supplier of bulk chemical products, serving the global petrochemical market. COUNT’s commitment to delivering service and convenience has led to COUNT Energy Trading achieving the EcoVadis Platinum award in 2023, placing it among the top 1% of the most sustainable companies worldwide.

For more information, please visit countgroup.com and follow COUNT on LinkedIn.

About Corsair:

Corsair Group is an international, ISCC-certified plastic waste chemical recycling company, that turns daily household plastic waste, such as plastic bags, wrapping materials, and packaging products into Advanced Bio-oil.

With its Global Head Office located in Thailand and its European Head Office in the Netherlands, Corsair is on a mission to clean our planet from plastic pollution, by recycling discarded plastic waste from the environment and landfills, into valuable products.

Corsair is also the developer and issuer of the world’s leading plastic waste offset program, the CSR Plastic Credit. Through the CSR Plastic Credit, certified by external auditors, Corsair is now helping a wide range of businesses and individuals to reduce and remove the impact their plastic waste has on the environment, by becoming Certified plastic-neutral.

For more information, please visit corsairgroup.com

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