7 October, 2021

Corsair Launches CSR Services Europe

We are delighted to announce that Corsair Group has launched a new company within the consortium, the CSR Services Europe (CSE).

CSE is a registered Estonian company, fully owned by Corsair, offering online sales of Plastic Neutrality Packages and CSR Plastic Credits.

With this announcement, we are excited to inform you, that companies are now able to start purchasing Plastic Neutrality Packages from CSR Services Europe Company (CSE), starting from tonight Thursday 7th of October 2021.

Private individuals will also be able to start purchasing Plastic Neutrality Packages from CSR Services Europe Company (CSE), starting from Monday the 18th of October 2021.

Purchasing a package from CSR Services Company (CSE) is very easy:

  1. Customers will make an order for a Plastic Neutrality Package at CSRnow.com in order to reduce or remove their plastic waste footprint.

The packages range from 100 Euros (500 kilos of plastic waste removed from the environment), including a total of 5,000 CSR Plastic Credits to 25,000 Euros (125,000 kilos of plastic waste removed from the environment), including a total of 1.25 million CSR Plastic Credits.

The packages do not include any other products or services.

  1. The customer will receive payment details on a pro forma invoice issued at the point of order.

Companies within the European Union area (excluding Estonia), with a valid VAT ID number, will have a VAT 0% included into their purchase invoices.

Private individuals (and Estonian companies) within the European Union area will pay the VAT applicable according to the regulations of their country of residence.

Private individuals and companies outside European Union (UK-based individuals and companies have special arrangements to be addressed in another announcement) – do not need to pay VAT.

CSR Services Europe Company will automatically create the invoice with the VAT% of the person’s country of residence and include this into their pro forma invoice.

  1. Payments for the packages are made with wired transfers to the IBAN bank account of CSR Services Europe Company (CSE) in Estonia.
  2. Upon receiving the bank transfer in the bank account of CSE, the sales will be recorded as completed:

– The customer will receive a Confirmation Letter, thanking them for their purchase and for their support of Corsair and our Mission to clean the planet from plastic waste. This Confirmation Letter also includes the details of their purchase, such as how many kilos of plastic waste have they helped to remove from the environment.

They will also receive information about the amount of CSR Plastic Credits (tokens) they will receive, how to track the distribution of the tokens at the CSR portal, how to open a CSR wallet, and also how to join the CSR Merchant Platform.

The customer will also receive instructions on how to Retire the CSR Plastic Credits after they have received the tokens and how to become Certified Plastic Neutral.

This is an important part of the process, as a person or a company cannot officially reduce their plastic waste footprint or become plastic neutral, without retiring their CSR Plastic Credits.

  1. The Customer will receive 10% of all purchased CSR Plastic Credits within a week, following the payment and after placing their CSR wallet address into their profile at the CSR Portal.

The remaining 90% of the CSR Plastic Credits will be distributed to the Customer within the following 6 to 12 months, as part of the Distribution Pool within the following months, as the plastic waste that they have paid to be recycled, is being physically recovered from the environment.

The Customer will be able to track the progress of the distribution from the CSR Portal at CSRnow.com.

We wish to thank you for being together with us at this exciting moment, as we as a community take another major step forward, towards a cleaner future.

Thank you.

CSR Plastic Credit is here to stay.

With kindest regards,

Jussi Veikko Saloranta

Chairman of the Board & Group CEO


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